How to Visit the Siargao Coconut Tree Rope Swing

How to Visit the Siargao Coconut Tree Rope Swing

On the island of never-ending coconut trees stands one coconut tree that leans further than rest. The famous Leaning Coconut Tree (how original!) also known as the Siargao Local’s Playground. Built by the locals and slowly becoming a popular tourist destination, this rope swing is an experience you won’t want to miss.

I’m a bit hesistant about sharing these directions, but because I love my Sumflowers and want ya’ll to have the best experience ever… I won’t be selfish. (; If you’re an avid Google Map-er like I am, it should be quite easy to find.

kids on rope swing


From General Luna, take the Siargao Circumferential Rd. all the way to Barangay Maasin (see map below).

[insert picture of map]

For reference, you pass by Barangay Maasin when you are on the fastest route to Magpupungko Tidal Pools/Tangyaban Caves from Genera Luna. Make sure to stop by the beautiful field of coconut trees and take many pictures!! This field will come up on the right side of the road. You would have to be asleep to miss it. After the field of coconuts, you are only about 15 minutes away from the Rope Swing!

coconut overlook

The most glorious field of coconut trees you will ever witness.

Maasin Red Bridge The Red Bridge of Adventure. Welcome to Maasin!

Find a safe place to park and look to the left of the bridge towards your new favorite coconut tree.

rope swing reflection Siargao Coconut Rope Swing

connor rope swing

Our little adventure began at the Leaning Coconut Tree. The local boys made climbing and swinging seem simple + easy, but I quickly learned that rope swinging is not a skill I possess. Trust me! You have nothing to be afraid of… no one can swing as bad as I swung. My video is posted on YouTube for your comedic entertainment.

Jeremy and Binjo are the amazing locals that took us on a one-of-a-kind tour. I highly recommend you look for them and ask them to show you around. They took us on a very small wooden boat and rowed us along the Maasin River. We enjoyed a 15 minute boat ride through beautiful greenery and fresh water until we arrived at a small clear water pond.

jeremy and binjo

Jeremy and Binjo, the two amazing locals who took such great care of us!

They climbed up a tree just to get us fresh coconuts and even taught us how to open a coconut by smashing it against a rock.

fresh coconut

A very stress relieving practice

I mentioned that it was always my dream to climb a coconut tree and they made it happen! I successfully crossed another thing off my bucket list and climbed to the top of a coconut tree. It’s the most accomplished I’ve felt in awhile. LOL. It’s the little things in life. Literally.

summer climbs a dwarf tree

This adorable Dwarf Coconut Tree, and probably the only tree safe for me to climb.

This mini adventure with the locals was definitely a wonderful way to learn more about the amazing culture in Siargao. I highly recommend that you visit with your friends and meet the lovely people of Maasin.

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Always, Walk in Love.


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