Top 10 Food to Eat in Siargao

Top 10 Food to Eat in Siargao

If you know me, you know that food is the way to my heart. Well, Siargao definitely found its way to my heart and has officially become one of my favorite food trip places in the Philippines. If you’re not surfing or exploring the island you should definitely spend the rest of your time eating at one of the island’s scrumptious restos/cafes. Here are my top 10 places to eat in Siargao:

1.Kermit Siargao Their Italian food is to die for! From the ambience to their customer service, I now know that the hype for this resto is real! DO NOT LEAVE THE ISLAND UNTIL YOU’VE EXPERIENCED THEIR FOOD. Their pizza + pasta + molten lava cake = pure happiness.

Highly Recommend: Focaccia Champion - BUT request it in pizza form (440 Php), Pappardelle all’ Antonio (400 Php), Five Cheese Pizza with Parma Ham, Ginger Minge (170 Php), Magic Pepino (160 Php), and Molten Lava Cake. NOM NOM NOM.

Tips: Line up early or be prepared to wait for around 45 minutes (definitely worth the wait though). Happy Hour is usually 4-7PM, but on Friday it is happy hour ALL DAY! While waiting for your table enjoy a couple drinks at the bar, check out the Gwapitos Shop, book an island hopping tour, or test out your balance on the slackline.

pizza champion sign

  1. Greenhouse Cafe This adorable little cafe comes in a close tie with Kermit for the top spot. The cafe is both eco-friendly and delicious. All ingredients are organic and from the island. Expect to enjoy delicious french baguettes and yummy smoothies.The servers are kind and eating breakfast or brunch here is such a pleasant way to start the day.

Faves: Barrel City (320 Php), Coconut Cold Brew (120 Php), Same Same But Different (280 Php), “Special” - Coconut Chia Seed Pudding (350 Php)

Tips: Get there early. Some of their best dishes get sold out! Ask them how you can get involved in their Beach Cleanups and check out their eco-friendly surf shop, Kudos! The cafe is located on the stretch between Bravo and Harana, keep a lookout for the Green House Cafe sign!

  1. Cantina Luna Open from 6PM - 3AM this resto makes a great dinner trip or late night food trip. Come here for the authentic Filipino food and great atmosphere.

Faves: Fried Pork Belly (290 Php), Kinilaw (280 Php), Sizzling Sisg, Pork Adobo (250 Php) Halo-Halo (180 Php)

Tips: The menu is written on a big chalkboard by the bar. A lot of the faves may be out of stock, so try to get their early or come back when it is available. During the day it is closed and boarded up so it may be difficult to spot, but it is walking distance to the night scene and right next to Bravo.

  1. Shaka If you’re looking for something on the healthier side, look no further than Shaka. They serve refreshing and energizing smoothie bowls perfect for a post sunrise surf breakfast. The delicious bowls are served in bowls made from coconut shells and colorfully instagram worthy!

Faves: BOM DIA (250 Php), Cloud 9 Kook (250 Php), Coffee

Tips: The are located close to Cloud 9 and recently moved ocean-side. Bring your cameras and get ready to take pictures for the ‘gram.

  1. Miguel’s Taqueria This little whole in the wall will make you want to book another flight to Siargao immediately. Miguel’s tacos are ridiculously cheap yet ridiculously delicious. For 170 pesos you can get 2 yummy beer batter fish tacos and an ice cold beer.

Faves: Fish Tacos (110 Php), Homemade Iced Tea (40 Php) Tips: Sometimes they run out of fish so try to go there early or get a chicken taco instead.

  1. Harana Harana oooh na na, half of my heart is in Harana ooh na na. Yes, the food is so good that when you try it you’ll want to sing too. This yummy resto also happens to have room accommodations, surf lessons, and a quaint cafe. The ambience is really relaxing and I love eating here breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Highly Recommend: Longganisa, Home Fried chicken, General Luna Beer, Pork Sigig, Adobo Bibimbap, Halo Halo

  1. Bake Siargao The most aesthetically pleasing little cafe on the island. Their breakfast is delicious and filling. I like to think of it as “fancier filipino” breakfast. There are a bit of foreign sprinkles on their dishes. Get your phones ready for some #foodporn worthy pictures.

Highly Recommend: Tocilog, Pinoy Breakfast, Coffee, Pancakes, Avocado Toast

  1. Bravo Siargao Home of the most refreshing island drink, pomada and delicious veggie burger. Enjoy

  2. Boodle Fight Okay, so this is not a restaurant but it still deserves to be on this list. I implore you to experience a Filipino Boodle fight in Siargao. What the heck is a boodle fight? Boodle fights were originally a military practice of eating a meal. Is there fighting? YES. There might be fighting but this all depends on your friendship and your willingness to sacrifice the last slice of Pork Liempo. Join a tour and enjoy a delicious and fresh meal. Get the full experience and use only your hands to eat, just like Filipinos do! May the odds be ever in your flavor.

Highly Recommend: Rice(duh), Fresh Fish, Pork Liempo, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Seafood, Fresh Fruit (MANGOES!!!), Ensaladang Talong (it’s like filipino Ceviche)

Tips: Don’t be a slow eater! haha

There are many other restaurants and cafes that are worth trying like Cafe Lunares, Warung, Kitya’s, Barrel Bar, Buddha’s, Kawayan, Altrove, and Pleasure Point Cafe. Don’t limit yourselves to these 10, the food places mentioned are just my personal favorites.

If you have any questions or are planning a trip to Siargao soon, DM me on instagram (@_summerislive). I’d love to help you plan your trip!

Do you have any food recommendations? Comment them below!

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